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4M983 : 11.1 volt 5200mAh Li-ION battery for Dell Inspiron & Latitude (orig# 312-0090)

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List Price: $119.00
Your Price: $39.95
You Save: $79.05 (66 %)
Item Number: 4M983
Cross-reference battery model #s: 00X217, 01K055, 01M590, 01M590, 01M690, 01U156, 01X793, 03K590, 03R305, 04K445, 04M983, 04P894, 05X905, 06P758, 06Y270, 07W999, 08P783, 08Y136, 09W723, 0C0102, 0C2451, 0C2601, 0C2603P2, 0CG204, 0D0980, 0DG056, 0G9579, 0H1369, 0H1389, 0H9685, 0J1379, 0J9324, 0J9601, 0K9726, 0KD552, 0M9014, 0M9265, 0M9758, 0N9406, 0NT394, 0R160, 0R163, 0TD671, 0U0519, 0U1384, 0U1536, 0U1543, 0W0624, 0W1436, 0X0319, 0X217, 0XF490, 0XP137, 0Y0158, 0Y1238, 0Y1333, 0Y887, 0YF350, 1K055, 1M590, 1M590, 1M690, 1U156, 1X793, 1X793A00, 310-5195, 312-0068, 312-0084, 312-0090, 312-0191312-0309, 312-0408, 312-0666, 315-0084, 3K590, 3R305, 4K445, 4M010, 4M983, 4P894, 5X905, 6P758, 6Y270, 7W999, 7Y356, 8P783, 8Y136, 999C6610F, 9W723, 9X821, BAT1194, C0102, C1295, C2451, C2601, C2603, C2603P2, CG204, D0980, DG056, G2053, G2053 A01, G9579, H1369, H1389, H9685, J1379, J9324, J9601, K9726, KD552, M9014, M9265, M9758, N9406, NT394, PP17L, R160, R163, TD671, U0519, U1384, U1536, U1543, U1544, W0624, W1436, W1605, X0319, XF490, XP137, Y0158, Y1238, Y1333, Y1338, Y887, YD165, YF350.
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