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CBD909 : 3.6 volt Ni-MH battery for Uniden Cordless phones (3xAAA with Black connector)

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List Price: $22.00
Your Price: $12.95
You Save: $9.05 (41 %)
Item Number: CBD909


Capacity Upgrade?
The CBD909 is a 3.6 volt rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack for cordless phones.  Made with 3 x AAA cells & Black connector.  Pricing starts at $12.95. 
Choose capacity: 720mAh; 800mAh Eneloop PRE-CHARGED (add $8.00); or 1000mAh (add $7.00).
These battery packs are made by US, right here in the U.S.A, using premium-quality SANYO cells.
Fits many Uniden phones : DCT646, DCT646-2, DCT6465, DCT6465-2, DCT648, DCT648-2, DCT648-3, DCT6485, DCT6485-2, DCT6485-3, DCT736, DCT736-2, DCT737, DCT738, DCT738-2, DCT738-3, DCT738-4, DCT746M, DCT748-2, DCT748-4, DCT7488, DCT750, DCT756, DCT7565, DCT758, DCT7585, DCX640, DCX700, DCX730, DCX750, ELBT 595, ELBT595, ELBT 585, ELBT585, ELBT 560, ELBT560, EXT1460, EXT1465, TCX580, TCX800, TCX805, TCX860, TCX905, TCX930, TRU12803, TRU226-3AC, TRU238-2AC, TRU5860, TRU5860-2, TRU5865, TRU5865-2, TRU5885, TRU-5885-2, TRU8860, TRU8860-2, TRU8865, TRU8865-2, TRU8866, TRU8880, TRU8885, TRU8885-2, TRU8860, TRU8860-2, TRU8865, TRU8865-2, TRU8866, TRU8880, TRU8880-2, TRU8885, TRU8885-2, TRU8885-3, TRU8888, TRU9260, TRU9260-2, TRU9260-3, TRU9260-4, TRU9280, TRU9280-2, TRU9280-3, TRU9280-4, TRU9360, TRU9360-2, TRU9380, TRU9380-2, TRU9460, TRU9460-2, TRU9465, TRU9466, TRU9480, TRU9485, TRU9485-2, TRU9488, TRU9496, TWX9777, TXC-400, TXC146, TXC580, UIP165P (VOIP), UIP1868P (VOIP), UIP1869V (VOIP), WHAM X4 series, WXI377, WXI477, etc.
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