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HHR-P104: 3.6v 900mAh Cordless Phone Battery (Ni-MH) for Panasonic phones.

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Item Number: HHR-P104
HHR-P104:  3.6v 900mAh long life rechargeable NiMH battery for Panasonic cordless phones. Pack size: 2 1/8" long x 1 1/8" across. Replaces model #s HHR-P104, HHR-P104A, TYPE 29, FPG391. Compatible with the following phone models: KT-TGA550M, KX-FPG391, KX-TG2302, KX-TG2302B, KX-TG2303B, KX-TG2303WH, KX-TG2312, KX-TG2312W, KX-TG2313, KX-TG2313F, KX-TG2313W, KX-TG2314, KX-TG2314B, KX-TG2314B, KX-TG2314PK, KX-TG2314W, KX-TG2322, KX-TG2322B, KX-TG2323, KX-TG2335, KX-TG2336, KX-TG2336S, KX-TG2343, KX-TG2343W, KX-TG2344, KX-TG2344B, KX-TG2346, KX-TG2346S, KX-TG2355, KX-TG2355S, KX-TG2356, KX-TG2356BP, KX-TG2356S, KX-TG2357, KX-TG2357B, KX-TG2357PK, KX-TG2357SK, KX-TG2386, KX-TG2386B, KX-TG2480, KX-TG2480S, KX-TG4500B, KX-TG5050, KX-TG5050F, KX-TG5050W, KX-TG5050WH, KX-TG5055, KX-TG5055W, KX-TG5200, KX-TG5200F, KX-TG5200M, KX-TG5202, KX-TG5202M, KX-TG5210, KX-TG5210M, KX-TG5212, KX-TG5212M, KX-TG5213, KX-TG5220, KX-TG5230, KX-TG5230M, KX-TG5240, KX-TG5240M, KX-TG5242, KX-TG5242M, KX-TG5243, KX-TG5243M, KX-TG5421, KX-TG5421B, KX-TG5421S, KX-TG5421W, KX-TG5422, KX-TG5422M, KX-TG5423, KX-TG5423M, KX-TG5428, KX-TG5428B, KX-TG5428F, KX-TG5428R, KX-TG5431, KX-TG5431S, KX-TG5431W, KX-TG5432, KX-TG5432B, KX-TG5432M, KX-TG5432SM, KX-TG5433, KX-TG5433M, KX-TG5436, KX-TG5438, KX-TG5438F, KX-TG5438S, KX-TG5439, KX-TG5439PK, KX-TG5439S, KX-TG5451, KX-TG5451S, KX-TG5452, KX-TG5452M, KX-TG5453, KX-TG5456, KX-TG5456M, KX-TG5456S, KX-TG5471, KX-TG5480, KX-TG5480S, KX-TG550M, KX-TG551M, KX-TG552M, KX-TG5561, KX-TG5561M, KX-TG5562M, KX-TG5566, KX-TG5566M, KX-TG5570, KX-TG5571, KX-TG5576, KX-TG5576M, KX-TG5583, KX-TG5582PK, KX-TG5621, KX-TG5621S, KX-TG5622, KX-TG5622M, KX-TG5623, KX-TG5623B, KX-TG5631, KX-TG5631S, KX-TG5632, KX-TG5632M, KX-TG5633, KX-TG5633B, KX-TG5633W, KX-TG5634, KX-TG5634M, KX-TG5634S, KX-TG5651, KX-TG5651S, KX-TG5652, KX-TG5652M, KX-TG5653, KX-TG5653B, KX-TG5671, KX-TG5671S, KX-TG5672, KX-TG5672B, KX-TG5673, KX-TG5673B, KX-TG6500, KX-TG6500B, KX-TG6502, KX-TG6502B, KX-TGA232B, KX-TGA450B, KX-TGA520, KX-TGA520M, KX-TGA523, KX-TGA523M, KX-TGA550, KX-TGA551, KX-TGA551M, KX-TGA552, KX-TGA552M, KX-TGA560, KX-TGA650, KX-TGA650B, KX-TH102-C, KX-TX5050W, KXT-G5571M, KXTG5471S, KXTG6500B, etc.
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