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LTLI-9032-4.4 : 14.8 volt 4400mAh Li-ION battery pack for ACER laptops (see x-ref)

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List Price: $109.00
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Item Number: LTLI-9032-4.4
LTLI-9032-4.4 : 14.4 volt 4400mAh rechargeable Li-ION battery for ACER laptop computers (Aspire, Ferrari, TravelMate models).
Fits the following models:
ACER Aspire 1440, 1450, 1451LCI, 1451LMi, 1452LC, 1452LCi, 1452LMi, 1454LCi, 1454LM, 1454LMib, 1454MLi, Ferrari 3000, 3000LMi, 3000WLMi, Ferrari 3200, 3200LMi, Quanta Z500, Z500A, Z500N, SQ-1100, SQ-2100, SQU-202, TravelMate6000, 6000LCi, 6001, 6002, 6002LCi, 6003LC, 6003LCi, 6003LM, 6003LMi, 6004, 6004LC, 6004LCi, 6004LMi, 650, 660LCi, 660LMi, 661LC, 661LCi, 661LM, 661LMi, 661XC, 661XCi, 661XVi, 662LC, 662LCi, 662LM, 662LMi, 662XCi, 663LCi, 663LM, 663LMi, 800, 8000, 8000LCi, 8000LMi, 8001, 8001LCib, 8002, 8002LC, 8002LCi, 8002LCib, 8002LMi, 8003, 8003LC, 8003LCi, 8003LCib, 8003LM, 8003LMi, 8003LMib, 8004, 8004LCi, 8004LCib, 8004LM, 8004LMi, 8004LMib, 8005, 8005LCi, 8005LCib, 8005LMi, 8005LMib, 8006, 8006LCi, 8006LM, 8006LMi, 8006LMib, 800LC, 800LCi, 800LCib, 800LM, 800LMi, 800LMib, 800XC, 800XCi, 801LC, 801LCi, 801LCib, 801LC, 801LCi, 801LCib, 801LMi, 801LMib, 801XC, 801XCi, 801XVi, 802LCi, 802LCib, 802LMi, 802LMib, 802XCi, 803LC, 803LCi, 803LCib, 803LM, 803LMi, 803LMib, 803XCi, 803XVi, 804LC, 804LCi, 804LCib, 804LM, 804LMi, 804LMib.

Replaces battery #s BATSQU202, 916-2320, 916-2450, 916-2480, 916-2750, 4UR18650-2-QC-EG1, 4UR18650-2-QC-ZG1.
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