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RB-9 : 2.4 volt 1650mAh NiMH replacement battery for Braun, Norelco, Remington razors (see x-ref list)

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Item Number: RB-9
The RB-9 is a 2.4 volt 1650mAh replacement NiMH battery assembly for cordless razors.  Fits Braun, Norelco, Remington, Grundig models (see x-ref).  RB-9 is 2 x AA cells side-by-side with solder tabs.  Made with SANYO HR-AAU rechargeable NiMH cells; assembled in USA by Batteries America.
Fits many models, including Braun 6520, 4510, 4520, 4525, 4550, 5503, 5504, 5505, 5506, 5509, 5510, 5515, 5520, 5525, 5550, 5580, 5584, 5585, 5586;
Grundig 8875, 8825, 8835;
Norelco 282XL, QUADRA, 282XL/B, 7885XL, 3000SX, 300SX, 3801XL, 3805XL, 3805XL/A, 3865XL, 400DX, 4608X, 4625X, 4805X, 4805XL/A, 4807XL, 4816XL, 4817XL, 4821XL, 4825XL, 4825XL/A, 4845XL, 4845XL/A, 4852XL, 4853XL, 4861XL, 4865XL, 4865XL/A, 4885XL, 4885XL/A, 5602X, 5603X, 5605X, 5615X, 5655X, 5801, 5801X, 5801XL, 5801XL, 5817XL, 5821XL, 5822XL, 5825XL, 5825XL/A, 5841XL, 5842XL, 5845XL, 5846XL/A, 5848XL, 5848XL/A, 5849XL, 5855XL, 5861XL, 5862XL, 5863XL, 5864XL, 5865XL, 5865XL/A, 5867XL, 5885XL, 5885XL/A, 5886XL, 5887XL, 600RX, 605RX, 650TX, 665RX, 6701X, 6705X, 6706X, 6709X, 6711X, 6716X, 6735X, 6737X, 6756X, 6826XL, 6828XL, 6829XL, 6848XL, 6848XL, 6863XL, 6865XL, 6866XL, 6867XL, 6885XL, 6886XL, 6887XL, 7616X, 7617X, 7735X, 7737X, 7745X, 7775XL, 7825XL, 7845XL, 7864XL, 7865XL, 7866XL, 7867XL, 7885XL, 7886XL, 7887XL, 7BFSL1, 825RX, 835RX, 875RX, 8825XL, 8831XL, 8845XL, 8846XL, 885RX, 8865XL, 8867XL, 8880XL, 8890XL, 8B11L, 905RX, 915RX, 935RX, 945RX, 955RX, 965RX, 968RX, 985RX, 9961RX, HP1322A, HP2631A, RL11, ULTW1, WER 6000, WER 6200, WER 8000, XLR 3000, XLR 930;
Remington 10468 R9100TLT, 12 R9100TLT.
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