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T139 : 3.6 volt rechargeable Multi-fit NiCd battery for Cordless Phones (SONY, V-Tech, AT&T, etc)

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Item Number: T139
The T139 is a 3.6 volt 600mAh Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack for Cordless Phones.
MULTI-FIT model, fits SONY, V-Tech, AT&T, Southwestern Bell, Lucent, TOSHIBA, and many other phones.
Charges up in all standard cradle chargers supplied with phones. 
Cross-reference part / phone listing: ENERGIZER P-7310, GE TL6502, GE TL96502, SONY BP-T23, ULTRAPOWER BATT-23, UNIDEN BBTY-0405001, UNIDEN BP-99, UNIDEN BP-99, V-TECH 804134, V-TECH BATT-1711, V-TECH 80-4280-00-00, V-TECH 80-4314-00-00, V-TECH 804032, V-TECH 80-3328-00-03, V-TECH 80-4032-00-00, V-TECH 80-4134-00-00, V-TECH 910ADL, GE/SANYO PC915, RADIO SHACK 23-295, RECOTON T-117, GP T-139, GEMINI TA-266, TOSHIBA FT-3808, GES PC-902, BPT23, SPP900, SPP930, SPP935, SPP935B, SPP5900, SPPA940, SPPA941, SPPA945, SPPA946, SPPA972, SPPA973, SPPA985, SPPA9773, SPPID910, SPPID970, SPPID975, SPPIM970, SPPIM977, SPPIM937, SPPM937, SPPM920, SPPM932, AT&T 24117, AT&T 9105, AT&T 3470, AT&T 80-4314-00-00, AT&T TRB9100, BATTERY BIZ B-725, BELL SOUTH BP-T23, DRCB1, EXTEND-A-PHONE BT23, GE96502, GEMINI TA266, GENERAL ELECTRIC BT23, GOLD PEAK V-T910, GP T272B, LUCENT 3470, RADIO SHACK BP-T23, SONY SPP-A92, SPRINT 89318, SPRINT BP-T23, US POWER BCO1027, Ameritech VT1910C, VT2910C, VT9000, VT1930C; AT&T 9002, 9050, 9105, 9107, 9110, 9111, 9200; Lucent 22250X, 22251X, 3470, 9002, 9050, 9105, 9107, 9110, 9111, 9002, 9105, 9105UT, 9107, 9200; Panasonic 438026; Radio Shack 9601465, 23-295, 43-8009, 438026; SHARP CL960ID, CL980ID; SONY SPP-900, SPP-930, SPP-935, SPP-A940, SPP-A941, SPP-A945, SPP-A946, SPP-A972, SPP-A973, SPP-A985ID910, SPP-ID970, SPP-ID975, SPP-IM977, SPP-IM982, SPP-M932; Southwestern Bell FTH916, FTH916BK, FTH918, FTH918BK, FTH986, FTH986BK, RC006495; Sprint 1910C; Tele-phone TEL620, TEL813, TEL909, TEL1215; Toshiba FT3806, FT3808, FTH916, FTH918, FTH918BK, FTH986, FTH986BK, RC006495, FTH916BK; V-TECH 1900, 1901, 1901ADL, 1910C, 1911, 1920C, 1921, 8033280003, 8040320000, 9000, 9060, 910ADL, 912ADLC, 914ADL, 914ADLI, 915ADL, 916ADLI, 917ADX, 918ADX, 920ADL, 921ADL, VT1900, VT1901, VT1910C, VT1911, VT1920C, VT-1970CI.
Picture shows both sides of battery.  Pricing is for 1 battery pack.
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