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BLI-172: 7.2v 1100mAh Li-ION battery for Panasonic & Hitachi digital

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List Price: $50.00
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Item Number: BLI-172
BLI-172: 7.2volt 1100mAh rechargeable Li-ION battery for Panasonic & Hitachi camcorders.
Pricing is for 1 battery.  Picture shows two sides of the battery for reference.
Fits the following camcorders: Fits / Compatible with Models:
Hitachi: DZ-BP16, DZ-BP28, DZ-MV100A, DZ-MV200, DZ-MV200A, DZ-MV230, DZ-MV230A, DZ-MV270A 
Panasonic: AG-DVC15, AG-DVC200, AG-DVC80, AG-DVX100, CGP-D110, CGP-D210, CGP-D28A, CGP-D320, CGPD210, CGR-D08, CGR-D120, CGR-D14, CGR-D16, CGR-D220, CGR-D28, CGR-D320, CGR-D53A, CGR-D54, CGR-D815, GCR-D815, NV-C1, NV-DA1, NV-DA1EN, NV-DS77, NV-DS77EN, NV-EX1, NV-EX1EN, PV-D101, PV-D200, PV-D900, PV-DBP8, PV-DBP9, PV-DC152, PV-DC252, PV-DC352, PV-DV10, PV-DV100, PV-DV100K, PV-DV102, PV-DV103, PV-DV10i, PV-DV200, PV-DV200K, PV-DV201, PV-DV202, PV-DV203, PV-DV400, PV-DV400K, PV-DV401, PV-DV402, PV-DV51, PV-DV52, PV-DV53, PV-DV600, PV-DV600K, PV-DV601, PV-DV602, PV-DV701, PV-DV702, PV-DV710, PV-DV73, PV-DV800, PV-DV800K, PV-DV852, PV-DV900, PV-DV900K, PV-DV910, PV-DV910K, PV-DV952, PV-DV953, PV-GS12, PV-GS120, PV-GS14, PV-GS15, PV-GS9, PV-VM202, VDR-M10, VW-VBD23, VW-VBD24, VW-VBD25

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